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« on: February 05, 2019, 07:54:35 pm »
I recently found a way to get >750 lead scrap in 5 minutes. (~250 if you don't have Excavator Power Armor and lvl3 of Super Duper).

Lucky Hole Mine:

Expect to encounter spiders or radrats outside and inside, and Mole Miners inside as well. Nothing too challenging and not too many enemies.

It takes me ~4 minutes from fast traveling to Lucky Hole Mine, to being done and fast traveling back to my base. I probably missed a bunch of veins and I ran around most enemies. I was aiming for speed since 76 is grindy enough without wasting time on stuff like this.

Once inside the mine, you're looking for lead veins, which look like this:

Veins are found in various places (especially deeper in the mind), but you can reliably find four in each recess along the shafts like this:

Don't forget to check ceilings!

Deeper in the mine you'll also find crystal veins, which look similar to lead.

Once complete, smelt at a chemistry bench. 2 lead ore + 1 acid = 5 lead scrap. Use Super Duper while smelting to get ~30% more on average. Chemist doesn't help with smelting by the way.
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