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[RE] History
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This is the story of a group of gamers who wanted to be more than "Just Another Clan."

In September of 2008, they broke off from another clan to start something new. They were only a handful at first. But, with determination they grew in numbers. There were challenges and obstacles but they persevered.

Over their eight months together, many joined, some left, and others were kicked out. There were many good times, and of course some rough spots too. The memories made here will not be forgotten. In this group, real friendships were born that will not die. At the end of a long, hard day, they knew they could come here and be with friends who they could talk to about anything. Those who remained true to the group put forth time, effort, and hard-earned money to make it a friendly and fun place to hang out and relax.
Some clans can say they have "been around" for five, or six, or more years. But this group, in only eight months, became a part of its loyal members forever. Here, things actually happened, people actually mattered, and friendships were actually meaningful. Let this never be forgotten.

So when it ended in May of 2009, there was no disagreement with the fact that it was worth it. It was worth leaving to start something new. It was worth making those true friends. It was worth making those good memories, and it was worth all the time, money and effort they put forth. It was worth all the experience gained.

And this end - for some - was only a new beginning.

From this point, a few members of this clan wanted to create something more. They wanted to take the mistakes made and rectify them in order to create a clan that was more than a clan, more than a squad, more than names on a screen or a voice in a headset. They wanted to create a real community of people. A community that helped both the on-line community and the real-world community of it's members in any way possible. Regenesis was born from the minds of people who shared a  common interest. They wanted nothing but good and the best of all things for [RE]. With only one hope in mind, they set out to create something that has never been created before. Planning for [RE] began in February of 2009. Many things were left to question; constitution, name, website management, server issues, leadership structure, direction, etc. Few of these things were easy to decide and deal with. Soon, a name was chosen of which all could be proud. Nothing destructive, disseminating, degrading or made without effort and thought. Regenesis was born. Many long nights that became early mornings were spent trying to find a way to fix those things that had gone wrong in the past.

Today, Regenesis is a plethora of fun, exciting people with an enormous knowledge base in all things ranging from web design to firearms and everything in between. There is but one thing that draws people to Regenesis. At our core, we believe in treating people with respect. Being honorable and not without integrity. Being honest in the face of adversity and being open-minded to the viewpoints of others, even if we disagree with their stance. Selection of new members is tedious and time consuming. it's also very particular. Those who make it will tell you it wasn't necessarily easy or hard. They will, however, tell you it was worth it.

So, here we are ? five years into this experiment that we call Regenesis. With nearly 40 members accepted from across the planet ranging in ages from 14 to 40 or more. We are diverse. We are respected in the gaming community for our values and eagerness to work others who are like-minded (without the need/want to absorb them into our own). We are our own community of people ? not players ? people. Be proud of yourselves for what you've all help create. I know we are.

We are [RE]Genesis.

I'd like to thank Syn, Hunter, Chan and Jim for being there from the start. [RE] couldn't have started without you guys and I really do appreciate all the work you've all helped put into Regenesis.

I'd also like to thank Xeno, Merf, Echo, Squeaks, Bomba, Ray, Twizted, Wesden, Arny, Badger, Grimm, Mason, Rainbow, Senpai, B, Mobster, Nightcore, Skully, Ajax, Flak, Hockey, Kev, Muck, Quesa, and NiceTry for continuing to be a part of and making something so great.

To Cam, Ghast, LaForce, Missed, Cook, Syn, Sodium and Nate - we'll keep the light on for when you return. Perhaps away, but not forgotten.