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August 23rd, 2018
I (Tig) became a father to twin baby girls on July 31st! Which means I'm more focused than ever on my work and family; and Regenesis has suffered. It's time for Regenesis to have a Deputy Director again.

[RE]Giant started at Regenesis as a player who regularly topped our CoD4 scoreboards in both ratio and total kills. He was regularly accused and harassed, and even wrongly banned by admins here. He never complained—only requested to be unbanned in the forums.

Eventually, Giant became a member, CoD4 admin, and joined our Dev, Media, and Ops teams. Each of those roles means someone has been judged both able to contribute, and as having the character, integrity, and personality to represent us well and work well with others.

But it's how well you utilize the opportunities any role here provides that demonstrates your fitness for higher roles. Giant has been banning bitches, designing web site content, helping with event planning, and set up an entire suite of Minecraft servers for Regenesis of his own accord. So yes, I think he's earned his new place as Deputy Director.

Giant's character qualifications trump all. Modesty and devotion come to mind: after I told Giant how we originally populated Regenesis servers by getting our asses kicked so people stuck around, I found him doing the same. Few high-level player will set aside pride like that for the good of servers and community.

Moreover, he's just a nice guy. He lets accusations and harassment roll off his back, and I've never seen him brag about skill or score. That's important, because skill makes him a great player, but character makes him true leader material.

Long ago, J-Rod and I decided to create Regenesis as a place of character, integrity, and respect. Today, consider that commitment renewed.

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