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September 25th, 2017
Phase 1: Regenesis has licked its wounds, taken stock, and begun to rebuild. Let's get started.

COD4 HC Mix 1.8: HC TDM 1.8:

This is an initial test run, to verify performance and stability on our newly configured VPS, and identify and correct any issues. Expect some downtime and please tag me and report any problems you encounter in the #cod4 channel of our Discord. Depending on feedback, we may revert at least one server to 1.7, but 1.8 provides too many enhancements not to try. CoD4x setup instructions here.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Regenesis Dev Team, especially [RE]Eagle  and RyanJ93  for their patient help getting these servers up. One more CoD4 server is planned, and further expansion will depend on demand. The immediate goal is to get Mix and TDM populated and any kinks worked out. B3 is not set up yet so admins, you get a little more vacation time. Don't get soft on me. TWSS. I digress…

Relax, we're there! Big thanks to [RE]Giant and [RE]Potato for donations last week. Not everyone is able to help shoulder the financial load of keeping our servers online, so we really rely on the contributions of those who are able and willing to put their hard-earned dollars toward ensuring Regenesis thrives. Thank you for providing the resources for us to run great servers.

Huge thanks to [RE]Eagle, who crafted our new theme, and to [RE]Eagle, [RE]Giant, and [RE]KEV for the hero images sliding on top. This first look at our Media Team's collaboration to redesign the Regenesis look and user experience is the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned.
[RE]J-Rod. Nothing I say could do this news justice. J was a founder and Director of Regenesis; and he was and is my friend. He poured heart and soul into this community, so when life and some mistakes on my part pushed him away I had to think hard about what that said about our direction.

[RE] tags are an honor granted to the worthy. But today I'm reminded that the solidarity of our members is also an honor granted to Regenesis. It is my hope that J-Rod's return is a sign we're doing something right, and my privilege to further announce J as the newest member of our Mod Team and Ops Team.

Ops … they've been busy. Special recognition is due Unicologic, who jumped straight into planning from the moment he volunteered to be the first member of the Operations Team. Regenesis is going to be busier than ever—with three events already planned for October and more in the works beyond.

The one I'll be announcing today is the Regenesis Halloween Art Contest! Digital or hand-drawn (or painted, or whatever), all your Halloween-themed art is welcome, and this contest is open to the entire community. The point is to have fun! We'll begin accepting submissions October 1st; more details to follow

Want to collaborate with the Regenesis Media Team in upcoming projects? Send me a private message on the forums or Discord.

I've learned more in the past two weeks than in the previous seven years about the dedication, resolve, and talent this community can bring to bear; not to mention having learned more than I thought possible in this timeframe about servers, etc. Thank you for your patience, your energy, your initiative, and for feeding my drive to press on.

I've never been more dedicated to Regenesis than I am today.

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CoD4 HC Mix

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